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As zeke mentioned in a previous post, i’m ter and since zeke is such a cool friend and all that he’s letting me share this blog with him. 

you all can just call me ter since that’s what i’m usually called

as for a little about me, i’m 17, i’m gay, and i like lots of different video games. if there’s anything else you want to know you can ask me.

and ye that’s about all i have to say but yeah it’s gonna be fun 

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I am trying to help keep this blog a little more alive, and in doing so, I have invited a close friend of mine into the ownership. His name is Ter, and he will make an introduction post soon. I hope you guys love him.

ALSO: NO I AM NOT LEAVING THIS BLOG, but since I am seeing certain things lately have been keeping me a little more away I thought might as well have a friend of mine co-pilot the plane while I go take a whiz, you know? I hope you all enjoy him.


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